STUDENT Comprehensive Portfolio

Hellooooooooooo WORLD! *LoL* This is my very first post and my official “here I am!” I have been contemplating for some time (like 7 years!), making my presence as an artist known; and what better way to do it than as one of my final projects for Introduction to Abstract Painting class!

I look forward to sharing my inspirations, my work and everything in between. Brainstorming is such a great part of being an artist and we all know what happens when we gather ’round to share…ideas grow and the explosion begins! PLEASE feel free to give feedback and critiques on my work. I am always learning and want to hear what you have to say! Feedback is what I most look forward to, so please don’t be shy! Friends, family and, of course, fellow artists!

My current work in progress is my final project…here are some sketches and quick paintings to get the ball rolling!

HW4-Study Sketches     HW4-Study Left  HW4-Study Right


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