Abstract Painting Final Project Completed…WOOT!

WOW, I’m so excited with how my final project turned out!!! I worked diligently to get it done. This is a diptych…each canvas measures 24″ x 48″ and they’re mixed media (collage and acrylic paint). I was inspired by the music of Carlos Vives. This year was an election year for Venezuela, as well as the US and I was really impacted by the campaigning. Really though, who isn’t? It became a political platform on some of the social sites (like FB) and made it annoying and almost dreading to even chat, for fear that someone would bring up politics! Anyway, this diptych is based on the love and hate of the socialist government that is now in place (and has been for years) in Venezuela. I won’t explain every single thing, because you can pretty much figure it out for yourself…LOL! Thanks for stopping by! ~Selva SolimarCreating Your Legacy (Diptych)


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