Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Goal!

Flower Doodle 2Remember when we were kids and Christmastime was THE BEST time of year!?! How I wish I could recapture those feelings for a time that has become so commercialized. *she sighs*

Enjoyed my time with family and the one gift I’m most thankful for is my health. I thank God that everyone in my family has good health. I know the importance of staying healthy and, although, we may be predisposed to certain illnesses or diseases, it is our duty to mind the shop! I gave up “resolutions” too, about 17 years ago, and decided that each year I would focus on one thing in my life consistently. The first year was to put my health above everything else (ie, work!, employers!, etc). I had to learn to be a good “patient” when it came down to taking care of me. The most difficult choice was to stop working for someone else!

In 2007, it was to make friends with new people…to learn how to be a “good friend” has been THE hardest thing for me! I’m still working on that one! *LoL!*

Flower Doodle 1

Sooo, this coming year, I’m not sure what I’m going to goal for, but I am thinking hard on it. This is something that I have to do consistently, no matter what else is happening in my life. Hmmm…I’ll hafta think on it and post again…in the meantime, what are YOUR thoughts? plans? goals? resolutions?


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Goal!

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