i HATE eggs! pero…

DSC_3279b-457x480w  Remember when I said this year’s goal was to cook (and eat) more exciting things….well here’s a short story for ya:  i HATE eggs! pero (translation: but)…i spent most of my day on the sofa yesterday, leaned against the back of it without the pillows, because i pulled a muscle in my back and the stiff back of the sofa makes my back feel better.

it’s been TOTAL.



i hurt so bad, i couldn’t eat…literally got sick to my stomach, just thinking of eating while having this pain in my back!

sooo, right about 2am today (as in the 28th!…LOL), i finished some homework and PANG!!!

it hits me!…….yes…i’m STARVING!

i’m craving………..you guessed it………an egg. *blech*

so i made this “special good breakfast grand”…..notice i didn’t say egg anywhere, because i dislike them THAT much! ha!


I ATE 2!!! LMAO!

egg, cracked pepper, soy bacon bits (of course) and cayenne pepper on a grand biscuit!


i HATE eggs!YUM!


4 thoughts on “i HATE eggs! pero…

    • ohmahgawsh, no kidding! I pulled a muscle and the pain is just awful…been using those hot cold pads and they’re just awesome! At least walking isn’t hurting now…LoL!

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