#27 thru #29 of 29 Faces…February Challenge!

Alas, it’s done! I wanted to do something fun, silly and whimsical…I wanted to capture our “family attitude”….hahahaha! Funny how a cartoon can say so much! 😛 That’s me sitting down…I’m the laid back one! So here are faces 27 (Mom), 28 (sis), 29 (bro) and me, the ñapa (translation…well, it’s the “extra goodie” that we got at the candy store when we were kids…just cuz we were kids!) 🙂 This is a doodle family portrait! We’re just sitting on a mushroom amongst the grass…LoL! Yes, we’re some kinda bugs, so it’s called “buzzin’round”…graphite and colored pencils on watercolor paper (ACEO)…..IT’S BEEN FUN Y’ALL!!!



Graphite & Colored Pencils on Paper

ACEO 2.5″x3.5″


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