Me…on the topic of red hair…

559351118 This is mid-terms week for me, so now you know why I’ve been slow to post! I’m studying like a good little gurL! 🙂 So, I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day and ummm, someone asked “is RED HAIR in style?” This was on my mind the whole day for some silly reason…perhaps, because I HAVE red hair! *ROTFL*

WOW! I KNOW I’m not the only olive skinned woman with dark reddish auburn hair!!! My my mother’s ancestors are Spanish, so she is very fair skinned with thick coarse, wavy, light brown hair; my father had olive skin with dark brown hair and very tight curls. I was blessed with naturally thick, coarse, curly, brown hair with dark red undertones. I thought my color was a bit mousy for my personality, but I loved the red understones…so much so, that I convinced my mother to let me get highlights at the age of 15. I had highlights from then until about age 21…then Randi happened!

Randi was the colorist/stylist that convinced me to go ALL red…we tried reds in every shade imagineable (including those with burgundy wine undertones). It IS and has been FAB! since then!!! I have to admit that red does match my fiery, latin chica personality! I find that too many latin women pick the wrong shade of red for their skin tone (always too orangey or brassy).

I can get away with a dirty blonde and considered it, right before Beyonce came on the scene! LOL!!! I tried a wig as a “trial test”…OMG, it’s true that people stereotype! Obviously, I opted for red…I’ve had strangers [at the airport, furniture stores, grocery store, even women’s powder rooms] ask me for the names of the products I use. I receive many compliments on my hair and haircolor (not just my crazy sexxxay curls).

I, wholeheartedly believe, that red is ALWAYS in style! Have you seen fotos of the 1920-40s Hollywood glam movie stars…in color??? *smiles* My mother, as well as many family and friends, over the years tried some shade of red. It does get attention. Red haircolor is like rocky road ice cream (which I thought I hated)…if you haven’t tried it…you should!!! *grinz*

Have a superbly wonderful red hair day! MUAK!!!


2 thoughts on “Me…on the topic of red hair…

    • awwwaw shucks! THANKS fer stoppin’ by, Michelle! I totally ignored the comment, because I didn’t know exactly what kind of response they were fishing for…LoL!~…didn’t even bother to turn around to acknowledge the existence of such a person…hahahaha! You’re right! It IS a silly question!

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