Are you confident enough to follow your dream?

I’m so excited to share all that I’m learning and discovering about myself in this journey. I’m always asking for opinions and critiques from family and friends…and [for the most part…hahaha] I listen to what they have to say when I ask for specific feedback…heck, I want brutal honesty!, and they give it to me!! 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have self-esteem issues that I haven’t dealt with, so what I’m about to say is somewhat illogical…as Spock would say! My mother and family have always been so supportive of whatever I do.They’ve always told me that I’m “good” and “talented” in art, BUT (oh, you knew that was coming…LoL) I haven’t always believed that about myself <—–that’s the illogical part!

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After working on the drapery drawing, shown above, I truly believe, now, that what was lacking in me, was confidence. I had not been “guided” in the direction of my strengths in this “talent.” I had no idea what I was doing when I sat down to doodle or draw…this love of drawing began with a love of people (portraits, in particular) and clothing at a very young age. I pursued a degree in fashion design and merchandising. HOWEVER, I never followed through with it! I didn’t have the confidence to “JUST DO IT!” Now, I can certainly think of many excuses to cover up the fact that I wanted money and success upon graduation! HAHAHAHA, who doesn’t!!? Instead of working my way into the fashion design field, I recklessly [and I say that with humble shame] went into a field of work (insurance of all things), because I knew my way around an office much better than a design room!!! There was familiarity there…nothing could or would challenge me (I really believed that). 

SOOOOOOOOOOOO…the point of today’s blog is: FOLLOW YOUR DREAM, even if you’re not confident in that moment!!! I say it quite loudly now!

I keep saying to myself, “mom knows best.” I believe, that God Almighty gives parents that “insight” into their children. They see in us what we have yet to see in ourselves. I don’t regret the many wonderful lessons I learned working at that family owned insurance company. Those lessons have served me well in this life. But how I ponder on the moments of sadness during those times, when I wished I had gone in the “right” direction! I could never figure out why I didn’t do it…….until now.

From this day forward…because I “discovered” this during this Analysis of Form class…I will go CONFIDENTLY into my work!

I will stand naked, before you, as if staring into a mirror, and I will CONFIDENTLY share it! I’m not afraid anymore!! AND THAT IS SO LIBERATING!!!

I’ve come to understand that human nature, in this time of technology-will-make-things-easy-era, is quite lazy. It’s the easy way out, if it comes easy! *LoL* I’ve always “goaled” to do my best in whatever I do, I just won’t do mediocre…this is MY best! How wonderful it is, when we muster up that extra umph to push ourselves [and we CAN!]…to work juuuuust a liiiittle bit harder, and get incredible results!

IF you haven’t already found your passion………..GO LOOK FOR IT! —–>and I mean RUN!!

If you have…….go nurture it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

May God shower your life with blessings!

~Selva Solimar


2 thoughts on “Are you confident enough to follow your dream?

  1. Hi Selva! It’s Annie (from the EBSQ forums) and I just stopped by your blog for the first time. What an inspiring post! I’m glad I stopped by. I think your drapery painting is great, very sculptural yet soft, just the right amount of shading. I’ll stop by here from time to time and I’m looking forward to seeing more inspiring posts from you. C U over at the EBSQ forums 🙂

    • Hiiii Annie!!! THANK YOU so much for your kind words! I try to post, at least, once a week, but with school that can be a little overwhelming. *LoL* I’m so glad you found me, thanks for stopping by! C U at the EBSQ forums 🙂

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