Do you have the chops to hang a nude?

Has anyone asked you this question!?

8.1_Reference_BRICENO-w   8.1_BRICENO-w   9.1__BRICENO-w

Female Nude Torso – Reference Photo, Preliminary Drawing & Final Drawing

While working on my female nude torso drawing, this very question came to mind. Would anyone hang this in their home?

……………well…………..WOULD YOU!?

Do YOU have the chops to have a nude piece of art in your home? Whether hanging on a wall (even if it IS the bathroom) or a sculpture sitting in plain view. I, for one, most certainly do….and have! hahahaha…no surprise there, huh! This topic came up, about 3 weeks ago, on one of my favorite blogs []. Dina Goebel is an Australian sculptural artist that does some really wonderful work! Please take a peek when you get a moment…I promise you’ll be delighted!

Dina made some valid points in her blog…perhaps people are “suppressing their desire to hang a nude, because they worry about the kids, or what others think or the parents disproving eye.” She goes on to say that maybe “females are more averse to hanging a nude being more self conscious of their own body image, or arguing the unnatural slim form is for exploitation in magazines, or even feeling concerned about a near porn experience.”

Western society…and when I say that, I mean AMERICA, specifically, has been conditioned to think PORN…SEX…not ART, when they see the nude (whether in painting or sculpture)! Sad, but true. Here, we are taught that nudity is wrong. I believe that thinking to be out of protection for our children, but I ask myself, what about the children in Italy, France, Spain, Germany…need I go on? They’re surrounded by naked statues and paintings all. day. long! They grow up to be normal, healthy people.

One of the comments left in response to Dina’s post was, “There are some nudes I would hang in the lounge and others not so much. I believe it depends on the picture itself.” I’m sure many people think this, because there’s an absolute fine line between that which is “art” and that which is “obscene.” Maybe THAT’s why we don’t see nude art in public places? The law cannot, definitively, define the word “obscene”, because what’s obscene to one person could be “not obscene” to another; we can, at least, decide for ourselves what is appropriate in our homes to display.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the human form. We are unique, and really, very special. We all have the same parts, yet we are different in the details. My brain has always been overwhelmed by this. How is it possible to have millions of people that are the “same” yet, not alike…think about that for just a moment! hahahahaha, it’s big, I know!

I go back to thinking about Dina’s blog and the question that she asked herself…why HADN’T she hung a nude in her home? She ponders, “I wonder if there was a link between my awareness and acceptance to my life stage?”

I asked myself, was there ever a time in my life, when I found myself embarrassed as I stood in front of a nude painting? Nope. What did my mom do differently that made me unafraid…unashamed…open minded to the idea of nudity? Modesty is something different altogether and so not the point of this. I can’t help but think about my own nudity and how I’ve evolved in the last 6 years after being diagnosed with advanced heart failure. I began to document my journey with semi-nude and nude photographs. There is acceptance of one’s mortality that brings awareness of “self” to a whole new level. Perhaps this has made me more comfortable with who I am now and my self image. I’m like any woman though, self conscious of being “naked”, but, now, unafraid to share a nude photograph…of myself. Would I hang it in my home? Absolutely.

Carol Jerrems – 1960s Australian photographer

Carol Jerrems – 1960s Australian photographer

Yes, Dina did find nudes, and nude art, for her home…and displayed them! I found it absolutely funny that her 24 year old son was taken aback when he saw the nude poster, above, by Carol Jerrems, blatantly visible, in his mother’s home!

Thanks for stopping by and taking in a quick read! :-*

May God shower your life with blessings!

~Selva Solimar


6 thoughts on “Do you have the chops to hang a nude?

    • ohmahgoodness, Dina! THANK YOU so much for stopping by! and I have to say that I’ve shared your blog about nudes with EVERYone I know! 🙂 You’re right, it is about self discovery! Have a super day, and please continue inspiring us with your beautiful works of art!

  1. You now I do Selva. It was only recently I realized not everyone felt that way! Every nude I draw and paint is a self portrait. No not phyically I am way to old for that, but my naked, raw, and hidden things coming to light. We came into the world nude, and some of us will go nude into the flames when it is over. It is only here in this realm we hide and disquise.

    • hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Almaaaaaaaaaa, I sure do know you’ve got the chops!!! LoL! You’re so right, as artists we are ALL nude! We bare our souls to the world and pray to be understood in what we’re expressing. THANK YOU so much for taking time to stop and comment…and for sharing!!! God bless!

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