Happy birthday to meee…

062907-13h-w  Yes, the 19th of April was my birthday!!! WOOT!WOOT!! I wouldn’t mention this except for the fact that being alive is just such a wonderful thing! And being able to share all of the glorious things that have happened to me is such a joy. 🙂 As a kid, I never thought I’d make it past 18…not because I grew up in some heavy duty bad neighborhood, or because I was a bad kid growing up (absolutely opposite), but because I thought that life ended at 18! REALLY!!! I DID!!! I was little, for goodness sakes! All I heard from adults was “wait ’til you’re 18.” *I would hear this tunTUNtun dramatic drum roll in my head, that always waited for THE reason why I should wait for that age…go figure…I was am weird like that!*LoL*

On my 18th birthday………………………………………………………………………………..nuttin’ happened! hahahaaa!!! I had a great party at my workplace, but I didn’t fall over dead, like I thought I would! And so every year after that has been gravy on my life!!! For my new friends, there were some serious crazy things that DID happen at the age of 30, and then at 41! Feel free to read the writings from then to catch you up (Page: DCM/CHF…wth???) …LoL…there’s no short version really. Just know that I’m here by the grace of God Almighty!!! I’m a walking miracle…even my doctors (which say they are speaking scientifically) say that I AM a miracle. Yes, medicine helps, but my heart was so damaged from cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart) that many do not survive…only 2 months after I had been released from the hospital in 1996 a young girl (age 15) died of the exact same diagnosis…she was the daughter of the Dallas Police Department’s police chief. She collapsed at school during phys ed class!

So, needless to say, every birthday is another gift from God and a precious reminder for me to love every moment of my life. Have you hugged yourself today? Have you given yourself a pat on the back for being alive? Really…there is nothing wrong with acknowledging your place in this world. If there is one thing you could do, take time to plan on doing it…or better yet…take action! It is NEVER too late to go back to schoool! It is NEVER too late to find that special person to spend your life with! It is NEVER too late to fulfill a dream or a passion! You have to decide that you deserve that. God has already decided you are worthy of good things in your life, stop putting limitations on God’s blessings for your life! As humans, we tend to think we are not deserving of good things; or become suspicious when too many good things happen to us…that’s just silly!

Well, I hope today is the beginning of something wonderful in your life!

A new project, a new life…..thank you for stopping by!

God bless and prosper you always,

~Selva Solimar


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