Work in progress…

I’m working on a still life…here it is! *LoL* My brain is exhausted…hahahaha!!!, but I can’t wait to see this finished!!! 🙂

Charcoal on paper…

10.1_Reference_Briceno,Selva-w  Here’s the reference foto.

10.1_Briceno-w  After measuring all of the items in the still life…

10.1_WIP_BRICENO-w  Background and flat shape shadows…

IMG_20130424_193819_0--b-sm-w Here’s where I am currently…I adjusted some things after the critique from the instructor. I think this is coming along nicely. I will post more progress and the completed piece, once I’m done. I gotta work on my elipses!!!! UGGGH! LoL! Send me the good muse to help me fix that! hahaaaaaaaa!

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless and prosper you always,

~Selva Solimar


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