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ALAS, classes are OVeRRRRR! YAAAAY!!! I was so stressed with the time crunch to get projects turned in…all the students were! These classes are designed to really TEST you and make you STRONG in a short period of time (15 weeks to be exact). My final project for Analysis of Form class was to produce a drawing using a photo reference (of a person). I chose my cousin, Crystal Marie…she posted a foto of herself (see below) a while back and I fell in love with it! The feel of it is very “pin-up!” She’s got the lashes going, the sultry look and pouty lips…and let’s not forget the wiggle dress and the non-chalant attitude! hahahaaaaaa! Well, THAT’s what I saw!!! hahahaha…she was looking off to the right of her in the original foto, which really bothered me, soooo I made a few little adjustments: the direction of her eyes and the art deco cigarette holder! Sooo, here she is…STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS though! I’m actually really happy with how she is coming to life!


Here’s the reference foto:

Crystal Reference Photo - W

Thanks for stopping by! God bless and prosper you always!

~ Selva Solimar ~


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