“Face in the World” Challenge

“After doing the 29 faces challenge, many people were sad to see the end, so as a last minute, Martha of Ayala Art, came up with an even crazier idea! LoL! The idea of a collaboration of sorts…well, some people call it “round-robin”…but you get the idea. The challenge is titled “Face in the World.” The purpose is to make one face among a group of people, but several groups going at the same time.

For this occasion there are only past participants of the 29 faces.

It is structured as follows: 5 people per team, 3 International teams and 1 US domestic team.
Each person begins an original piece. The dimensions should be: no smaller than 5″x7″ and no larger than 8″x10″.
Any compatible media, any style, but it has to have a face on it, and has to be shipped to the next team member after a week of landing in our hands.

Watch the fun as it develops!!”

I’m in Team 2…my teammates and the beginning of the pieces are below:

*Trish Nonaka – NC, USA 


 *Renee Stien – MN, USA  


*Selva Solimar – TX, USA


*Penny Stewart- CA, USA


*Lizzy Love- CANADA 



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