"Wheatgrass"     "Crystal Vinegar"

"Pass The Salt"     "Bananas, Salt And Cherry Kool-Aid"

Interior Landscape Abstract Studies 1     Interior Landscape Abstract Studies 2

"Beyond The Country Club"     "Manhattan Skyline"

"Airing Dirty Laundry, Gossip Not Included"     "She Lays In The Field"

"El Pino"     "America Snax"

     "Abstract On Country Club"     "Maracaibo Downtown"

"Cowboy Eye"     "That Other World"

    "Grecia A La Mags"     "Grecia MariCarmen"

Abstract Figure Studies

"Joe The Twin"     "NOOPY"

"La Llave De Mi Corazón"     "Anxiety"

    Art & Movement Abstract Study 1     Art & Movement Abstract Study 2

"Coming Home Through The Tunnel"     "Personal Triumph"

"Creating Your Legacy"  & "Exposure" (Diptych)


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